Francesca Zappia, curator of the exhibition East End Transmissions would like to express her gratitude to Alexander Storey Gordon for his precious help on the realisation of the exhibition, as well as all of the artists: Jen Devonshire, Aideen Doran, Virginia Hutchison, Thomas Leyland-Collins, Kit Mead, Douglas Morland, Janie Nicoll, Lyndsey Smith, Susannah Stark; and the team of The Pipe Factory: Steven Grainger, Genevieve Kay-Gourlay, Jamie Kane, Rachel Levine, Verity Hocking.

To the community: Margaret Esplan, Jane Milne, William Monteith, Peter Mortimer; Rosemary Robertson and the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre; Kirsty Forsyth and Nicola Johnston of the PEEK Project; and Catherine, Frank, Jane, John, John D., Nicola, Peter, Tam and Val.

To the events contributors: Sir Sean Connery, Neil Gray,  Alan Knight,  Gillies and William MacKinnon,  Vikki McCall, Johnny Rodger; and Steve Clark-Hall (Skyline productions), Abigail Howkins (Diversity films), Barry Tyerman, Francesca Scott (STV), The Scottish Screen Archive and the Enquiries team.

Warm thanks also to Jenny Brownrigg, Tina Carver Mead, Anne Couzon Cesca, Alastair Dickson, Allister Gardner, Gordon, Noel Manalili, Sarah McCrory, Jennifer McGlone, Francis McKee, Joanna Peace, Alison Philp, Nick Mead, Julie Redon, Karen Shaw, Michael Stark, and all the other anonymous donators on Kickstarter.

And also to Jonathan Abensur, Paul Anderson, Micheal Davis, Carole McCallum (Glasgow Caledonian University Archives), Janette McGinn, Damien, Christiane and Patrick Porcher, Alessandro, Ercolina and Domenico Zappia.